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Restoring patient’s hearing and self-confidence

BY AMY MORRIS - Correspondent

Certified Clinical Audiologist Linda MacLeod of the Hear Care Center
says hearing loss not only affects the patient but also the patient’s family and friends.

As a Certified Clinical Audiologist, Linda MacLeod of the Hear Care Center has the unique ability to not just restore someone’s hearing but part of their identity too.

People who suffer from hearing loss sometimes become shy and withdrawn. Since they can’t follow conversations completely, they’re afraid to respond to something they might have misheard.

“It’s not that they’re quiet or they have no sense of humor, they’re just afraid to say the wrong thing,” MacLeod said.

But with the right hearing aid a wallflower can return to being the class clown.

“It’s like they wake up and this fantastic personality emerges,” MacLeod said.

MacLeod has been “waking up patients” for more than 28 years. She struck out on her own in 1998 as a nationally board certified audiologist. MacLeod is qualified to look at the diagnostic side of hearing loss.

“We’re a little more trained to look for the unusual” she said. “I work closely with ear, nose and throat physicians and if I see a problem I refer my patient to them immediately.”

The Hear Care Center offers consultations, hearing aid repair and cleaning and batteries. It also offers payment plans on a variety of popular hearing aids from companies such as Widex, Oticon, Siemens, Starkey, Phonak and Resound.

Hearing aid technology has progressed tremendously since MacLeod first opened up shop. Back then she used a screwdriver to adjust bass and treble - it’s only options available. Today’s cutting edge hearing aids can analyze a spectrum of sound, pick up speech patterns and filter out background
noise. They can even by synched with a Bluetooth or MP3.

It’s important for patients to get a hearing aid soon after being diagnosed with hearing loss becauseit needs to become part of their lives - easy to manipulate and use before their condition gets worse.

“Hearing loss affects not only the person, but the family and friends around them,” she said. “There’s more harmony when it’s easier to communicate.”

“It’s a continual learning process,” she said.

When it comes to customer service, MacLeod strives to treat each patient as she would want a colleague to treat her parents.

“I try to always do the right thing by them, and it always comes back to me in the long run,” she said. MacLeod’s work days are filled with a steady stream of seniors who often linger to ask after her husband Reid, and their four children.

“We visit, talk and catch up. I’m very attached to most of my patients,” she said. “I’m one of those people who just love what they do.”

The Hear Care Center is located at 2219 S. Kanner Highway in Stuart. Hours are Monday through Friday by appointment. Call (772) 283-3000.

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